My recent post and high-recommendation of Rayne Water Solutions of Houston

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Rayne Water Solutions of Houston Team,

I wanted to share with you my recent post and high-recommendation to all of the Coles Crossing/Cypress area Nextdoor Neighbors and Neighborhoods letting them know that Rayne is here and is way better than (Other Company Name) and their horrible, destruction, deceptive practices! If you are on Nextdoor, you can read it there:

Otherwise, here’s a copy and paste of what I wrote:

Over 10 years ago when we moved in we opted for a Rayne water filtration and softening system for our whole home as well as under the sink simply due to the reports of how harsh the Cypress/Coles Crossing water was. At the beginning, maintenance was fine through Rayne and about 2 years in, we get a call from (Other Company Name) stating that Rayne was out of business and that they could now assist us with service and maintenance on our Rayne system. Long story short, that was incorrect as Rayne, the company, was and is still alive….the local authorized agent changed and (Other Company Name) took the opportunity to say that Rayne was out of business instead of saying the original agent was no longer handling things.

We had (Other Company Name) come out and do the maintenance on our whole home filter system and then eventually the under the sink filters. This is exactly when everything changed. We no longer felt that the water was as “soft” was it was the day we had the system installed. We also noticed, over time, that we were getting iron stains in toilet tanks and toilets. We even had service calls where we had them come back just to help us get the quality of our water settings on our system back. They told us that they did what they could and of course were more than willing to talk about options (read: replace the unit and get their system).

Fast forward to about two years ago when I got fed up with the investment we made not paying off and started to contact the Rayne manufacture directly. As I searched for their information I ran across the contact information for Rayne Water Solutions of Houston: and quickly learned about the legal actions and facts that the original Rayne customers were supposed to be transferred to this agent for maintenance and warranty service.

As of today, my water is FINALLY back to where it used to be and I’ve had to pay for all of (Other Company Name)’s mishandling of my maintenance. At a minimum, they:

– Broke the gearing in my whole home water filer system during one of the maintenance cycles they did which had to be replaced

– The media guard filter was installed broken in half and hence was not working properly to extract the iron – hence the red stains

– Because the media guard filter was broken in half, when the unit was being sealed up, it was forced to close, compromising the seal between the hard and soft water, hence, our water supply was NEVER being free of hard water contaminants

– Under the sink system was compromising the Rayne warrant due to cobbled together (Other Company Name) parts – had to get majority of system replaced to get back in spec

Basically, up until recently, our system – our investment in having a water filtration system for our whole home – has only worked the way it was supposed to for about 2-3 years out of the 10+ years we’ve had all because we had the WRONG people providing maintenance on it!

If you own a Rayne whole home and/or under the sink filtration system, I’d highly recommend contacting Rayne of Houston at 713-499-9830 or to get things correctly handled.

I am so happy that we can once again enjoy what we paid for and what we expect from our water filtration system!

I just thought I’d share….feel free to share with others so they know the issues and hardships we had to endure and deal with just to get our system back to normal!

Thank you guys so much! So happy I found you, again!

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Developed as a water treatment over 40 years ago, reverse osmosis first arose as a way to decontaminate seawater. As its capabilities have been realized over the years, it is now one of the best options in commercially produced purification systems for home water.

The process of reverse osmosis works by forcing water to move from stronger saline into weaker saline solution through a permeable membrane. Some minerals tend to be larger than water molecules, such as salt, and they are then blocked from passing through. The water is then desalinated and usually free of other contaminants, depending on their size. For its ability to desalinate water and keep it contaminant free, reverse osmosis is widely regarded as an excellent technique for water distillation.

As a valuable process of water purification, reverse osmosis helps to make water mineral free for consuming. In the process of reverse osmosis, mineral constituents of water are trapped by the permeable membrane, and then removed through the filtering system. Many of the common minerals that are found include iron, calcium, salt and lead. With the recent string of reports concerning high radiation levels in local water, the need for a reliable water solution service is more crucial than ever.

Reverse osmosis options such as the RO Filtration System from RaynePure would be great for Houston Apartments and Houses. These provide an excellent option for effectively reducing all of the contaminants found in tap water. In turn, the filtration system provides a continuous supply of convenient, fresh, and clean water from the faucet. This system can also provide up to 50 gallons of water a day and produce better tasting ice cubes with the help of a line to the ice maker.

In Texas, Rayne Water Solutions of Houston has continued to provide years of quality service to local residents looking for the best water possible. When it comes to water quality, the name means everything. Local competitors Raine Systems and DuPure International are not authorized to use the Rayne name or work on Rayne water systems.

Rayne Water Solutions of Houston is the one and only authorized dealer in the Houston area that may perform work with the correct parts, services and warranty coverage. The name Rayne Water Solutions of Houston has long meant quality service, warranty options, trust and reliability in the water solutions business.

–Paige Taylor

Does Houston have High Radiation Levels in the Water?

Friday, August 5th, 2011

This radioactive report from KHOU Channel 11 in Houston is something all Houstonians should hear, just before calling Rayne Water Solutions of Houston.

What’s in the name, Rayne Water Solutions of Houston?

Monday, July 11th, 2011
Ryne of Houston is not Raine

letter from Rayne Water Conditioning Vice President

What’s in the name, Rayne Water Solutions of Houston, LLC? Well, it turns out quite a lot.  As you can see from this communique from Rayne Water Conditioning Vice President, Martin Jessen, the name means everything, for your warranty, for authorized Rayne parts and service, for peace of mind. But the key point is this: Neither Raine Systems nor DuPure International is authorized to use the Rayne name or perform work on Rayne water treatment systems. Note the spelling of Raine.

Now our customers are smart people. They know that Raine is not Rayne, but some salesmen apparently think Raine is “close enough” to Rayne Water Conditioning. But close enough means you won’t be getting Rayne parts, authorized service, or warranty coverage! Rayne of Houston LLC is THE authorized dealer in the greater Houston area, and you’ll love our service, trustworthiness, and warrantied service. Here’s the letter from Rayne Water Conditioning’s corporate headquarters:

March 30, 2010

To Rayne Customers and Owners of Rayne Water Treatment Equipment in the Houston Texas Area

This letter is to inform you that Rayne Water Solutions of Houston, LLC located at 2026 Naomi Street in Houston TX 77054 is the authorized Rayne dealer in the Houston, Texas area in the residential market. They are the only place to purchase Rayne equipment and get authorized Rayne service and will always use genuine Rayne parts. Neither Raine Systems nor DuPure International is authorized to use the Rayne name or perform work on Rayne water treatment systems.

The principals in Raine were Rayne dealers at one time but their dealership agreement was terminated. Only service work done by Rayne Water Solutions of Houston, LLC maintains the Rayne warranty – work performed by any other person will void the warranty.

Sincerely H. Martin Jessen
Vice President
Rayne Water Conditioning