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Know the Facts about your water and how to treat it

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), 89.3% of US homes have hard water. That makes hard water the single most widespread water problem in American homes today.

In addition to water hardness, consumers are also growing more and more concerned about the purity and safety of their drinking water. Escalating media reports of contamination or abnormal levels of impurities are causing some consumers to rethink how they use the water that flows from their taps.

A Home Water Softener or Treatment System from Rayne Can Help

Since 1928, Rayne has been developing and improving water treatment systems and products such as Water Softeners, Water Conditioners, Reverse Osmosis Home Filtration Systems, and Drinking Water Filters. These home water treatment systems are of superior quality, provide substantial value and savings, and are the most environmentally-friendly products in the industry.